Ginger Beer (non alcoholic) 80z bottles

We Jamaicans use ginger for everything; in our meat, as a tea and even to cure certain illnesses. When we eat/drink anything with Ginger it is suppose to scratch our throat or the ginger isn't strong enough. Our Ginger Beer will scratch throat! lol It is pungnet and strong with ginger  and you get more for your money. Add ice or water to dilute if necessary. Best to enjoy ice cold or warm and drink as a tea.


How do we make it? 
We dice fresh ginger, extract juice, add water and sweeten lightly with brown cane sugar. 



ginger, water, brown cane sugar


Our products DO NOT CONTAIN ANY PRESERVATIVES. Best to consume between 1 week after recieving order.


Orders are shipped on Mondays via USPS 2Day Priority Mail. Please track package to your door and refrigerate immediately. 

If your pacakage is delayed, please contact USPS and file a claim, if necessary. We are not responsible once your order is handed to the post office. However, we will do our best to accomadate you. 

Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer
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